Obsession of the Week: Pushed-up blazer sleeves

I recently had a fashion daydream, which involved the discovery of the perfect black blazer— structured just enough—yet with looseness in the sleeves, allowing them to be shoved up, and therefore creating that ever-elusive female Parisian style of thrown together-togetherness. And now here I am seeing my dream come to life on The Sartorialist blog, a daily obsession of mine. A turquoise version of the main character in my said dream…sans me, standing on the street, in Paris. Up next: my new current obsession: vintage light blue denim shortalls. Stay tuned…

Until then…xx


2 Responses to “Obsession of the Week: Pushed-up blazer sleeves”

  1. nicole Says:

    i love this look too. do you recommend shoving the sleeves up or rolling them? thanks, style pill. love the blog.

  2. Flashback… « Says:

    […] By stylepill to my very first post! I still love the look of a blazer with jean cutoffs, although now it is completely inappropriate […]

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