Mary-Kate and Benjamin Cho

As I hurriedly made my way to the Benjamin Cho show yesterday, I was relieved to jump into line a few minutes before 6, thinking I had made it just under the wire, only to wait outside patiently for the next 30 min. While waiting, I met a sweet girl named Krystal, an assistant designer, who was helping out backstage, and we got to chatting about the show. Turned out, earlier in the week, while working at M&J Trimming, she assisted Cho with last minute touches for his new designs. Pretty neat stuff. Eventually 6:30 rolled around and I was finally ushered in the door, given a seat assignment and shoved through the bottle neck of an entrance into the runway area. I made my way to my folding chair and immediately saw Natasha Lyonne strut by, curly hair scooped up into a tousled bun upon her head. Next up, sitting three rows in front of me, was Mary-Kate and her boyf Nate Lowman, being blinded by flashes and mobbed by press. She seemed very accommodating and friendly, from what I could tell by the back of her head and her side profile as she leaned in to chat with those around her.

Finally, at 7, the show began. As I turned my camera on, I noticed my battery light blinking back at me. How could I have been so silly as to not charge it the night before?! I decided to have a go at it and took as many shots as I could, however, the measly few just did not suffice…so, for your viewing pleasure, courtesy of, I give you a little of Benjamin Cho:

As you can see, many of his looks incorporated trimmings as mentioned above, which I found to be such an innovating way to spruce up a plain dress or skirt. There were some wearable looks and maybe a couple that only the bold could pull off, but overall Cho’s creative accents, the tassels, sashes and keys, kept pieces such as mini dresses, skinny pants and off-the-shoulder dresses, fresh, interesting with elements of surprise delighting the viewer’s eye.

~ ’till tomorrow! xx


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