Obsession of the Week: Mid City Tote

I have finally found the perfect tote. For months upon months, I have scoured department stores, street racks and vintage stores for a bag that fits all my needs, both practically and asthetically speaking. Today, I was perusing through simplelovely.blogspot.com, and came across a photo of the Mid City Tote from Foley + Corinna. My reasons for why this bag is perfect are three-fold…

1. The mousey-gray color is amazing and goes with everything.

2. The opening of the bag comes up high enough so if slipped on your arm or up on your shoulder you don’t have to worry about it dangerously hanging open while standing on the subway.

3. It can stay unfolded and be used as a hand-held bag, or it can fold down into a hip little shoulder-slung number, fitting perfectly with whatever type of outfit you might have on.

And, here it is folks…please try to not to drool.


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2 Responses to “Obsession of the Week: Mid City Tote”

  1. styleobsessed Says:

    love it! this site is giving it away!!!

  2. Cool gifting site « Says:

    […] for every type of person you might know. I really like the Fashionista list, especially because my coveted bag is on there, and with the holiday discount, it’s 25% percent off! So, readers, when you […]

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