The effortless look of the grey t-shirt

Three of my favorite tops are from American Apparel and each are a different version of the Tri-Blend t-shirt. First off, we have the Short Sleeve Women’s Track T, second we have the Unisex Short Sleeve Deep V-Neck and third we have the Racerback Tank, all in Athletic Grey, all of them needed staples for ones wardrobe…well at least my wardrobe anyway. I have found that I can wear these three items with just about anything to almost any occasion. You can dress them up or dress them down. While out and about this week I saw a couple different girls wearing this type of shirt paired with a cute skirt.

(Above) This was taken at the Jenny Kayne show. She paired a similar grey, casual t-shirt with a cute printed skirt, which looks dressy enough for a work event, but not over done. I LOVE her shoes and bag, with their neutral colors of beige and mauve. And, with the help of this simple tee, the whole ensemble comes together in a no muss, no fuss kind of way. Relaxed yet still stylish enough for a fashion event. I like it.

(Above) I simply adore this outfit. I took this while out last weekend at Arlo & Esme and asked her if the tank was from AA, and in fact it was. This is another great example of how to wear a casual tank with an interesting skirt (I especially like the seams and the small little pockets on either side) while maintaining a look suitable to wear out on a Friday night. The simplicity of it all makes it so perfect. Effortless, really. Not to mention, the shoes she wore with it.

Nothing too out there or over the top trendy, just a stylish gladiator-esque heel that went really well with the overall ensemble. Nicely done.

(Above) And lastly, while getting my daily fix of The Sartorialist’s amazing photographs taken for during New York Fashion Week, I came across this image. I was immediately drawn to this shot, and thought that the girl in the image looked familiar. Then, after looking at it again, I realized that the title of the photo was named Marina, which turned out was the same Marina I used to work with while over at InStyle! What a small world. Anway, again, we have here the very casual, laid back-looking grey t-shirt that could almost pass for something she might put on to sleep in (love it!), paired with a high-waisted black skirt—not to mention her cute shoes—equals the end result of a very simple, paired down look that I like to call Relaxed New York Chic.




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4 Responses to “The effortless look of the grey t-shirt”

  1. heather Says:

    I concur. The grey tee is the way to be! great post! i’ve been eying the soft slightly thin cotton tanks and tees from AA for a while… you may have just pushed me over the edge… American Apparel here I come!

  2. I love reader mail! « Says:

    […] love reader mail! We all know that I love me some grey t-shirts and tanks. So, when I read this lovely email, all about grey, I was positively delighted!! What a talented […]

  3. Schematic Diagram : Says:

    i love casual shirts compared to polo shirts. casual shirts look more professional and classy,~”

  4. Microwave Cart · Says:

    casual shirts are really great for day to day activitites and it is easy to wash and dry too -“

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