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One of my favorite accessories is the fitted belt. I love how it looks when worn wrapped, buckled or clasped high around my waist But, since not all my belts are fitted, I am usually left with the same dilemma every time, which is, what to do when it is not intended to be worn as a high-waisted, fitted belt? Because ultimately, there will always be too much belt left over, which ends up awkwardly hanging there, ruining your perfect outfit. Do you flip it under so it hangs down underneath the buckle? Or do you try and tuck it away in the back, underneath the belt itself, when inevitably it will still come undone? I usually get fed up with it by this point and my solution usually involves me putting on a different belt, which of course never looks as good as the one I wanted to wear in the first place. However, my questions were answered this past Friday while at a birthday party, when I saw how one of the guests had pulled this clever little trick with her own belt.

This crafty girl wrapped it all the way around to the other side of her waist and secured it with this beautiful decorative pin, solving the excess material dilemma. I was impressed. In the past, I have tried to secure my long belts with a safety pin, which would usually turn out looking ugly, but never with a pretty broach that offered function and style at the same time. Voila! Problem solved.

Here is a sweet pin I saw at Forever 21. Lacquered Flower Pin, $5.80, shown in pink, also comes in black.

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One Response to “Get pinned”

  1. kristine Says:

    ooh, i just bought this pin and other one from forever 21–a black and white cameo surrounded in rhinestones. i’m wearing it today to dress up a plain button-down sweater (and jeans). “brooches” are my new obsession!

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