Birds of a feather

Back in early June, the boyf and I headed over to Governor’s Island to attend the Jazz-Age Lawn Party and Festival for some 1920’s enthusiast fun. People were decked to the nines in authentic apparel. There were dance lessons, croquet and tug of war games, and 1920’s motorcars on exhibit, to list a few. But, what was really fun, were all the folding tables set up with couture milliners pedaling all sorts of chic vintage hats and clothing. As I wandered along browsing through all the beautiful silk and lace items, I came across a booth called Charm School Design. They make these amazing feather headbands. I fell in love with everything at first sight, especially this piece, which is called “wide peacock eye feather headband.” Sigh…so gorgeous.

wide peacock eye feather headband

I have started to see feathers as an up and coming trend, and then today as I was getting my daily Sartorialist fix, I came across the photo below…her headband looked so similar to the ones I had seen at the festival, that I immediately went on the Charm School’s Etsy website and saw that it said the Sartorialist had in fact taken a photo of one of their customers…I wonder if this is she…

Elegant, yet with a twist of gladiator grit.



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6 Responses to “Birds of a feather”

  1. heather Says:

    i absolutely love the feathers… being that i’m a fan of sticking flowers in my hair i think the feather is a nice fall approach ;0)

  2. CDub Says:

    These are beautiful! The only drawback is that the super-bratty Kenley on PR has been rocking this type of accessory in a few episodes. But I think I can get over it.

  3. immaof4 Says:

    New feather headbands on website! Really fun, funky, classy – Esti Headbands are comfortable – I have a few and it’s like “I’m wearing a feather”! I noticed that the site is being updated almost weekly with new feather headbands – great prices, beautiful peacock feathers! I also noticed that Esti Headbands are in Patricia Fields in NYC – go check out!

  4. Feather feedback « Says:

    […] and feedback about my posts. So you can imagine my thrill when I received an email in regards to my Birds of a feather post. See below, and look how […]

  5. immaof4 Says:

    Go to for the new fashion trend! Feather headbands – beautifully crafted and worth every cent. I bought a few of them and get complimented all the time! I saw similar ones in Lucky and OK and People magazines. These magazines say that feather headbands are number three of the top ten fashion trends for the fall 2008 and winter 2009. I find Esti Headbands to be plentiful and so beautiful! Check it out!

  6. Rain Jacket · Says:

    if you are in an apartment that is confined, then folding tables would be very well suited for you **,

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