Obsession of the week: fitted, cuffed jeans.

One trend that has seems to be having its hay day at the moment, is “boyfriend jeans.” It is a very distinct look and from my research, has been getting a lot of mixed reactions. I actually think, when wore correctly, this look can be quite cute. Rachel Bilson, with her killer style, nails it by wearing slightly more fitted, tailored jeans, which I actually prefer to the  original look, that has been worn by Katie Holmes. But, the specific look I am speaking of, that is quite genius, is more a sister style to the “BF jeans” trend. Let me back up to my initial dilemma and why this particular style speaks to me. Standing at 5’4″, most of my jeans are way too long and instead of immediately taking them to be hemmed after I purchase them, they sit tucked away in a drawer or bag waiting forever to be taken to the tailor. Inevitably, they are rarely worn, yet I keep holding on to the idea that one day I will take them to be altered. But, voila! By cuffing them, my dilemma is solved and I don’t have to worry about ever having to get them hemmed in the first place.

With that said, here is how I would go about wearing them: (Note, that most of my jeans are quite fitted and none of them are purposefully  baggy, hence the non-BF jeans look. Also, it helps if they are tapered or narrow at the bottom so they aren’t too wide around your ankle.) Slip on any pair of jeans you own that are a few inches too long. Roll them up into small compact cuffs, only a couple inches at a time, and pair with cute slip-on sneakers. Or, for a more edgy look, roll the cuff up a bit higher, so it hits just above your ankle, skimming your lower calf, and strap on some funky heels. I opted for the more casual version and snapped a few photos to show you. I was quite pleased with the final look. No baggy jeans here…a completely different take on the BF jeans trend. Let me know what you think!

Until next time!



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