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How to wear colored tights

October 30, 2008

Bright tights make me happy.

In lieu of my last post, which featured two girls in cheerful colors—one in bright pink tights—I received an email from a reader wondering how to pull off such vibrant leg wear, without resembling a clown…

Dear SP,

I love color, and I loved the picture of the two girls in your last post wearing such daring and bright colors. The pink tights are fantastic! It actually inspired me to purchase a pair of autumn-inspired rust-colored tights in hope I would be able to incorporate some pops of color into my mostly gray and black winter wardrobe. However, once I got them home I realized I had no clue how to wear them! I tried them on under a black skirt, which just didn’t look right. Then, I slipped them on under a jean skirt…much cuter, but then the dilemma of what shoes to wear arose. Help! I really want to get some wear out of these fun tights and would love your help on how to do so!



Dear AL~

Colored tights are tricky, especially when it comes to hues that are a little less obvious in their boldness, such as rust, dark cranberry or dark turquoise but are not at as straightforward as black or gray. So, my advice would be this:

  • Pair these tights with more neutral colors such as denim, like the skirt you mentioned, or my favorite option, gray skirts and dresses. By opting for a neutral color as your main article of clothing, it allows you to show off more of your brightly-colored legs without overwhelming the whole outfit.
  • For shoes, I would opt for brown, camel or tan boots. Depending on the look you are going for, try a Frye-type boot for more casual look, and high-heeled boots for dressier occasions. If you are not into boots or heels, jump on the “flats” bandwagon and slip on these cuties from Urban Outfitters to create a low-key look.

Great example from Paul Smith on how to neutralize bright tights.

If you decide you want to be a bit more daring and edgy, try donning bold fuchsia or purple tights to amp up a plain black dress. Complete the look with knee high black boots, round-toe black pumps or flats. Give these ideas a try and let me know how it goes! Good luck and remember, have fun! SPxx

I love this dress. And, those tights…gorgeous!


Pretty palette: Jewel Tones

October 21, 2008

The warm, balmy days of September are finally starting to fade away and in place of them, are crisp and chilly ones. But, as much as I love October weather, there are still those days when the nippy, rainy wet weather sneaks in, which can slightly dampen my spirit. That is why this picture from The Sartorialist gave me the pick-me-up I needed.

These girls go so well together, I love it! The best part is, I can apply this picture to items in my closet. I own pink tights and I also own a mustard-colored smock. Well, technically it is sitting in my clothes give-away pile right now. But, this image has inspired me to make my legs bright and happily give a colorful article of clothing a second chance to shine. Cheers to color!

Obsession of the Week: Oxford peep slingbacks

October 21, 2008

I have been drooling over these magnificent darlings all weekend. These “Undertoe” slingbacks by Nine West are not particularly new, but they happen to be my new love, and I NEED them. Lucky for me they are on sale… here I come!


October 14, 2008

It’s fair to say that I am loopy about belts. I like writing about them and love wearing them. I honestly think almost every outfit could be improved by some type of belt. So, when I saw this beautiful strain of waist-wear on from the 3.1 Phillip Lim Spring 2009 collection, I flipped. I stared at it forever trying to trace the looping of the leather to see how it was constructed. Now, if only I could create my own version of this incredible belt…mmm…looks as though this may be my next DIY project…

Spring 2009 3.1 Phillip Lim belt

Spring 2009 3.1 Phillip Lim belt

Before & After: Strapless dresses

October 14, 2008

I just uploaded these shots from my latest wardrobe styling session with a client and had to share! She said she was in desperate need of cute, professional outfits for work, but that all she seemed to own were springy and summery strapless dresses, which of course, proved to be too revealing for the office. So, with the mission in mind, we got to work. See the final looks below!

Look #1: Short, gray strapless dress.


Too short, gray strapless dress

Too short, gray strapless dress

To achieve a more professional look, I pulled the dress down to her waist, which transformed nicely into a high-waisted skirt. It also helped that this dress already had some interesting accents of it’s own, such as the cute pleats in front and the little pockets on the side, which gave it some character. To complete the look, I paired it with a crisp white button-down and a thick black belt, creating a chic and office-friendly outfit.


Look #2: Flowery, strapless dress


Springy floral strapless dress

Springy floral strapless dress

This dress is a perfect example of how it can be tricky to transition a summer look into a fall outfit. So, in order to begin the transformation, I paired dark contrasting pieces to this light, airy dress, which added interesting accents. The black cardigan, black booties and metallic belt help to “ground” the dress, allowing the outfit to evolve effortlessly into autumn apparel.


Something lovely…

October 9, 2008

Even though this photo is not a necessarily new post on The Sartorialist, I keep coming back to it again and again. I am just taken with it. So, I decided to share its beauty with you dear readers. Look at all the interesting elements that play into this outfit. I especially love the length of the dress countered by the short sleeves. She looks so fresh, yet stylish and demure.

Feather feedback

October 8, 2008

I love getting emails, comments and feedback about my posts. So you can imagine my thrill when I received an email in regards to my Birds of a feather post. See below, and look how cute!

Dear SP~

The minute that I saw the post about the feathered headbands, I fell in love with them. So, I immediately went out and purchased one! Here are a couple different photos from when I wore mine out last weekend. Thanks so much for the great idea!


Style Q&A: how to wear a traditional leather belt

October 3, 2008
Dear SP,
I am so fed up with trying to wear leather belts. I see them on other people and they always look so cute, but when I try and put one on, it looks awful. Since I am pear-shaped, my hips are wide compared to the rest of my body, so when I wear a belt, it never sits quite right. It always rides up and never just drapes loosely on me. If it’s too low, it accentuates the horizontal line and if it’s at my natural waist, like over a dress or long shirt, the clothing around my hips stick out. It’s basically because my hips are too big. How can I work with my shape? Help!
Dear KS,
Trying to wear a traditional leather belt proves to be quite difficult for almost all body shapes because of its firm structure and shape. I have tried to wear my hard leather belt slung casually around my waist and it never looks or stays the way I want. This is not to say that you can’t ever wear a leather belt—quite the opposite actually— but it’s just that these types of belts are usually better off worn with clothing that already have some type of belt loop available, whether it’s on jeans or a dress. My suggestions is, when you want to wear a belt at your natural waist, opt for a stretchy version that has elastic in the back and maybe has leather in the front near the buckle. The stretchiness allows for it to naturally adjust and form to your body so you don’t have to worry about it riding up, and the touch of leather gives off the effect of wearing a leather belt. If you are determined to wear an all-leather version, try out a braided style, which usually has more give, or a skinny belt, which works well because of its slim shape. Both these styles will solve the bunching problem and provide you with the low-slung or up-high look that you want to achieve. See below for some different options to try!
Hope this all helps!
1. Forever 21
Knitted elastic belt
This piece has the elastic back and the touch of leather in the front,
creating the best of both worlds plus making it easy and comfortable to wear.
2. Forever 21
Braided leather belt
Braided belts tend to be softer and more flexible, letting you achieve the
look of a pure leather belt without any of the hassle.
Leather Asymmetric Stitch Belt
This belt is 100% leather and quite firm, but because of it’s asymmetrical shape, it can be worn lower,
and will fit more naturally, by molding to the curve of the hips.
4. Urban Outfitters
Leather Saddle Belt
This is a perfect example of a soft leather belt. It can be worn high up on the natural
waist or low on the hips because of its flexible shape.

5. Urban Outfitters

Skinny Studded Belt


Skinny belts tend to lay better over clothing also helping to avoid any bunching that might occur with a thicker style. So, when wearing an all-leather belt either high on your waist or low-slung on your hips, my motto is always: the slimmer the belt, the better!

Hey all! Thanks for reading and please know, I am here to help! So, feel free to send me any questions, qualms, wonderings, musings or ponderings you might have regarding style, fashion, clothes and/or accessories. I look forward to hearing from you dear readers, just email me at

ABC…one for you, one for me

October 1, 2008

I saw these adorable alphabet bags by Keep Calm on Joanna Goddard’s blog, A Cup of Joe, and instantly fell in love with the “C” bag. Since it happens to be my true first initial and also reminds me of the typeface I use on my business card, I figured it was a sign that I needed to purchase it…