Style Q&A: how to wear a traditional leather belt

Dear SP,
I am so fed up with trying to wear leather belts. I see them on other people and they always look so cute, but when I try and put one on, it looks awful. Since I am pear-shaped, my hips are wide compared to the rest of my body, so when I wear a belt, it never sits quite right. It always rides up and never just drapes loosely on me. If it’s too low, it accentuates the horizontal line and if it’s at my natural waist, like over a dress or long shirt, the clothing around my hips stick out. It’s basically because my hips are too big. How can I work with my shape? Help!
Dear KS,
Trying to wear a traditional leather belt proves to be quite difficult for almost all body shapes because of its firm structure and shape. I have tried to wear my hard leather belt slung casually around my waist and it never looks or stays the way I want. This is not to say that you can’t ever wear a leather belt—quite the opposite actually— but it’s just that these types of belts are usually better off worn with clothing that already have some type of belt loop available, whether it’s on jeans or a dress. My suggestions is, when you want to wear a belt at your natural waist, opt for a stretchy version that has elastic in the back and maybe has leather in the front near the buckle. The stretchiness allows for it to naturally adjust and form to your body so you don’t have to worry about it riding up, and the touch of leather gives off the effect of wearing a leather belt. If you are determined to wear an all-leather version, try out a braided style, which usually has more give, or a skinny belt, which works well because of its slim shape. Both these styles will solve the bunching problem and provide you with the low-slung or up-high look that you want to achieve. See below for some different options to try!
Hope this all helps!
1. Forever 21
Knitted elastic belt
This piece has the elastic back and the touch of leather in the front,
creating the best of both worlds plus making it easy and comfortable to wear.
2. Forever 21
Braided leather belt
Braided belts tend to be softer and more flexible, letting you achieve the
look of a pure leather belt without any of the hassle.
Leather Asymmetric Stitch Belt
This belt is 100% leather and quite firm, but because of it’s asymmetrical shape, it can be worn lower,
and will fit more naturally, by molding to the curve of the hips.
4. Urban Outfitters
Leather Saddle Belt
This is a perfect example of a soft leather belt. It can be worn high up on the natural
waist or low on the hips because of its flexible shape.

5. Urban Outfitters

Skinny Studded Belt


Skinny belts tend to lay better over clothing also helping to avoid any bunching that might occur with a thicker style. So, when wearing an all-leather belt either high on your waist or low-slung on your hips, my motto is always: the slimmer the belt, the better!

Hey all! Thanks for reading and please know, I am here to help! So, feel free to send me any questions, qualms, wonderings, musings or ponderings you might have regarding style, fashion, clothes and/or accessories. I look forward to hearing from you dear readers, just email me at

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