Before & After: Strapless dresses

I just uploaded these shots from my latest wardrobe styling session with a client and had to share! She said she was in desperate need of cute, professional outfits for work, but that all she seemed to own were springy and summery strapless dresses, which of course, proved to be too revealing for the office. So, with the mission in mind, we got to work. See the final looks below!

Look #1: Short, gray strapless dress.


Too short, gray strapless dress

Too short, gray strapless dress

To achieve a more professional look, I pulled the dress down to her waist, which transformed nicely into a high-waisted skirt. It also helped that this dress already had some interesting accents of it’s own, such as the cute pleats in front and the little pockets on the side, which gave it some character. To complete the look, I paired it with a crisp white button-down and a thick black belt, creating a chic and office-friendly outfit.


Look #2: Flowery, strapless dress


Springy floral strapless dress

Springy floral strapless dress

This dress is a perfect example of how it can be tricky to transition a summer look into a fall outfit. So, in order to begin the transformation, I paired dark contrasting pieces to this light, airy dress, which added interesting accents. The black cardigan, black booties and metallic belt help to “ground” the dress, allowing the outfit to evolve effortlessly into autumn apparel.



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