How to wear colored tights

Bright tights make me happy.

In lieu of my last post, which featured two girls in cheerful colors—one in bright pink tights—I received an email from a reader wondering how to pull off such vibrant leg wear, without resembling a clown…

Dear SP,

I love color, and I loved the picture of the two girls in your last post wearing such daring and bright colors. The pink tights are fantastic! It actually inspired me to purchase a pair of autumn-inspired rust-colored tights in hope I would be able to incorporate some pops of color into my mostly gray and black winter wardrobe. However, once I got them home I realized I had no clue how to wear them! I tried them on under a black skirt, which just didn’t look right. Then, I slipped them on under a jean skirt…much cuter, but then the dilemma of what shoes to wear arose. Help! I really want to get some wear out of these fun tights and would love your help on how to do so!



Dear AL~

Colored tights are tricky, especially when it comes to hues that are a little less obvious in their boldness, such as rust, dark cranberry or dark turquoise but are not at as straightforward as black or gray. So, my advice would be this:

  • Pair these tights with more neutral colors such as denim, like the skirt you mentioned, or my favorite option, gray skirts and dresses. By opting for a neutral color as your main article of clothing, it allows you to show off more of your brightly-colored legs without overwhelming the whole outfit.
  • For shoes, I would opt for brown, camel or tan boots. Depending on the look you are going for, try a Frye-type boot for more casual look, and high-heeled boots for dressier occasions. If you are not into boots or heels, jump on the “flats” bandwagon and slip on these cuties from Urban Outfitters to create a low-key look.

Great example from Paul Smith on how to neutralize bright tights.

If you decide you want to be a bit more daring and edgy, try donning bold fuchsia or purple tights to amp up a plain black dress. Complete the look with knee high black boots, round-toe black pumps or flats. Give these ideas a try and let me know how it goes! Good luck and remember, have fun! SPxx

I love this dress. And, those tights…gorgeous!


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9 Responses to “How to wear colored tights”

  1. joanna goddard Says:

    such cute tights!!!

  2. genese Says:

    How about a strapless satin ruffle dress in black, with black opaque tights & burgundy peep-toe wedge slingbacks?

  3. rachel Says:

    i love colored tights! i just got these adorale heels that would look great with some but i can only find them online and im a little afraid of ordering clothes, in case they might not fit. do you no were i can buy them for possibly less then $10?

  4. Reader question: Where can I find bright tights? « Says:

    […] see more, click here to see all the colors of the rainbow from ASOS’s collection. And, click here to see fun ways to wear […]

  5. Oringina Says:

    Is it ok to use this content on my blog ? If not email me and i will remove it

    Thanks Oringina x

  6. humarashid Says:

    Great post! 😀 I’ve never been brave enough to rock colored tights, but you make it look so easy with these examples.

  7. libby Says:

    thanks for the brilliant tips.
    i was just wondering but i’ve just purchased a new pair of bright pink stockings as well as black lace stockings.
    now how could i pull these items of for winter?

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