Simply lovely

Shoko and Julian


I am borderline obsessed with this couple’s wedding photos. Photographer Max Wanger really captured some amazing shots. Look how adorable they are! Not only do these two make a beautiful pair, but their attire is fantastic. As a major fan of the peony, I love the pink one she is wearing in her hair, not to mention her sweet dress. Don’t you think the layers of petals mirror her dress’ pretty layers of fabric and lace? The groom also looks quite dapper in his vest and black tie. Check out his great shoes a few photos down.


I love how the bride wears the flower like a little hat. Such a clever idea!


I have considered framing this picture. Is that weird? It’s just so playful!

picture-141Aren’t their shoes great? I love the contrasting colors in this shot. The turquoise and gray in his argyle socks really compliment her punchy green pumps. Enjoy more photos here! Enjoy!

Happy Tuesday! SPxx


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3 Responses to “Simply lovely”

  1. The Sale Rack Says:

    thanks for commenting on my blog! i’ll def bookmark your’s as well. Love those green shoes..any idea where they are from?

  2. stylepill Says:

    Hi! Sadly, I don’t, but I still adore them. Isn’t she the cutest bride ever?!

  3. Rachel Says:

    Thoose Photos are so original and clever much more interesting than the same old wedding pictures

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