Autumnal beauty

I couldn’t resist. Isn’t she lovely? The color of her hair and cheeks remind me of how the leaves look on a beautiful fall day in upstate New York.


Photo via garance dore


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4 Responses to “Autumnal beauty”

  1. Angie Says:

    and soo love the hair<33

  2. valerie Says:

    i loveeee her hair color! some red heads can really pull off their look. i envy her!

  3. More auburn beauties « Says:

    […] I am starting to have this infatuation with redheads! I find their auburn hair to be so beatiful. Remember this lovely lady? […]

  4. bruce bilney Says:

    Ohhhhh Yesssssss!!!!!!!!! She is lovely indeed. Let the bigots just try putting our colouring down, when She flies our flag so fantastically!
    Any chance of more photos, with Her eyes getting a look in? Pleeeeeze, oh, PLEEEEEEEZE?????
    I don’t usually use multiple punctuation and letters for emphasis . . . But She is worth it . . . I only hope Her hair doesn’t go to Her head!

    Hey thanks for this vision of delight, best way I can thank you is to invite you to check out my website, and my blog You’ll see my tessellations and some of my thoughts, verse etc . . . Tell Her about ANNUAL WORLD REDHEAD DAY in Delft, Holland, every September (not Autumn!) and look up the photos. THOUSANDS of us Rangas, (redheads), but none I think more lovely than She. Best wishes. Oh: is it better to perceive beauty in others, or to possess it oneself? I do hope She is strong enough to handle the pure adoration and the envious malice of those few who are bigoted against us.
    Bruce in Australia.

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