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What are you doing New Year’s Eve?

December 31, 2008


Photo from We Heart It via LOOKBOOK

Good morning my Lovelies, and HAPPY NEW YEAR’S EVE! Any hot plans to paint the town red tonight, or are you going to have a nice, quiet night in? Are you dressing yourselves to the nines, or opting for slippers and pajamas? I would love to know! Also, what do you think about house parties vs. bar or club parties? I myself, will be popping around town to a few different house parties before finally settling somewhere downtown at a low-key bar with friends. But, we will see because you never know where the night might go!

P.S. I love this girl’s outfit…the layered camis, the braided belt, and of course, her nerd chic glasses. Let’s be honest, we all know how I feel about that awesome trend…

Love to you all my dears, and I wish you a very happy, special and safe night! Cheers! SPxx


hotsy totsy heels

December 30, 2008


Photo via Punky b’s fashion diary

Yummy! And, they are on sale! What’s better than that?

Steve Madden, MADALYNN, $109.95, $69.95

So tres, tres, chic

December 29, 2008

I am about to sit down for a lovely lunch—prepared by my lovely mother— with some dear family friends, but wanted to post these two outfits first.

2jg9wnbPhoto from Le Fashion via The Sartorialist

Such an effortless coolness about her, don’t you think? I love her fingerless gloves, slouchy moto boots and fringy scarf.


Photo from Le Fashion via altamira nyc

My idea of a genius outfit. I love the zipper detailing on her leggings, and how she paired a girly polka dotted skirt with a structured moto leather jacket and high tops. What do you think of these two looks?

Happy Weekend!

December 26, 2008


Photo from Marie Claire Idees via black*eiffel

Can you believe Christmas is over already? I feel like I blinked and it was gone. I hope you all had a lovely holiday and enjoyed time with family and friends. I also wanted to say how much I appreciate you, my dears, for coming to the blog and reading, even during these busy holiday times. It means the world to me, so thank you!

I am off to the mountains now, to indulge in some good ol’ fashioned fun cross-country skiing with the parents. I am so excited! I hope to have photos to share with you on Monday. But, in the meantime…relax, stay warm (or cool) and enjoy the weekend! SPxx

p.s. I am really digging that cream bag. And that hat and pom pom scarf? How cute would those be up on the snowy slopes?!

“It’s Chriiistmasss!”

December 25, 2008

My mom told me that when I was a little girl, I walked into a department store chalk full of Christmas decorations, stopped in awe of all the glitz and shouted, “It’s Chriiiistmassss!” Ha. And now, I wish those of you who celebrate this holiday, a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy Holidays to all! I hope you enjoy some of my favorite shots from a wintry walk with my parents around Greenlake in Seattle.


Gotta love the layered look. It was chilly outside!


A graceful and quiet row of snowy trees.


A sweet shot of my parents. Still in love after 35 plus years. Lovely.


Me and Mom all bundled up.



Many hugs to you, my dearest readers. May you stay warm, safe and happy!

My American Apparel ensemble

December 24, 2008

Hello from wintry Washington! The snow is starting to melt a bit, which makes me sad because it will only turn to slush. Good thing I have my Hunter boots! Anyway, I finally found my camera cord and was able to download massive amounts of pictures—yay—which means I am finally able to share with you these few shots taken of me in one of my favorite ensembles. Remember this outfit?


fave-outfit1Gotta love the mini trash canister in the background, but isn’t the wallpaper the best? A big thank you to L for taking these shots. SPxx

Comfy clothes

December 23, 2008

I was given a few presents early this year, which consisted of beautiful black Hunter boots, new Patagonia yoga pants and a soft “Life is Good” shirt with an adorable dog on the front. 🙂 I love dressing comfortably, especially when I am on vacation, so I was pumped to slip into these loungy items. Don’t you think it is just so nice to relax in soft, roomy clothing? I do! I just love snuggling and staying cozy in the winter, especially when there’s snow! So, I thought I’d share with you a few fun shots of me in my new duds. Thanks Mom and Dad!


MY HUNTER BOOTS! I am in love…


Sporting my new duds in the snow!


I love being home, yay!

Snow, snow, snow!

December 22, 2008

Happy Holidays! I left New York early yesterday morning, as the snow was falling, and arrived in Seattle in the late afternoon to large flakes dropping lazily from the sky. It is like a winter wonderland here and is such a rarity. We never get this much snow! Anyway, I just wanted to wish you all a wonderful holiday as I will be spending the next week and a half with my parents and my cat, Maggie, snuggled up by the fire. I will be posting lightly, so make sure to come check it out, and say hello!

n500011393_516007_5338Yes, this is me at two-years-old. I am loving my shoes!

The holidays are upon us!

December 19, 2008

Previously, I had you dear readers, tell me which outfit you might wear to a holiday party. Well, tonight is the boyf’s work party and I am hoping to get all gussied up. I have decided to go with the “sweet” option and donne a strapless black dress with light pink accents. I am also bring a sweet dessert as well, so it should be very fun and festive indeed! What are you all doing for the holidays? Any fun parties or soirees? Would love to hear! SPxx


These boots were made for walking…

December 19, 2008

The other night, I went to my dear friend A’s housewarming party in Hoboken, NJ. It was lovely. Her new place that she shares with her boyfriend, is so cute and homey, with all the right touches. We all had a fabulous time and went home feeling very merry. The only glitch in the night had to do with the shoes I chose to wear to and from her house. I’ll be honest, it is quite a jaunt (totally worth it, of course!) from the train station to her actual place, on top of being 30 degrees out. And, my patent leather stilettos did me wrong within five minutes of stepping off the platform. Needless to say, my feet are still suffering. So, I think it is time I took a small break from my sky-high heels, especially in this wintry weather, and invest in some stylish and comfortable flat boots. I scanned the web for relatively affordable options and managed to pull together my favorite choices, complete with black, brown and colored knee high boots. I think next time I decide to walk 25 minutes in the freezing weather to a party, I will wisely pull on my flat shoes, tote my pumps in my purse and sleuthily switch shoes at my final destination.

Seeing that it is getting pretty chilly out there, which of these boots would you wear to keep your toes, ankles and knees warm and comfy through the winter months? SPxx



(Listed left to right)

Swoop, $149.95

Casidy, $299.95

Bambola, $229.95

Wanted Bella Boot, $58.50

Reinaa, $159.95

Thayer Boot, $39.50


Barkin, $149.99

Deportes, $249.95

Peachie, Boutique 9, $249.99

Reins, $199.95

Intyce, 159.95


(Listed left to right)

Bonanza, $89.99

Izzy, $129.99

Tammy, $79.99

Harlow, $69.99

Bonanza, $89.99