Talk to me dear readers…

I would love to know your thoughts and questions when it comes to style. Are there any burning questions you might have about belts, hemlines, boots, layering or beyond, that have been in the back of your mind? If so, please share! Leave a comment or email me at and I will happily answer them on the blog. If you would like remain anonymous, just let me know. So, start thinking, and ask away! Cheers! SPxx


Photo via garance dore

P.S. Isn’t this girl just a breath of fresh air? She looks so bright and friendly. Plus, I love her leather skirt, and of course her grey t-shirt.


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3 Responses to “Talk to me dear readers…”

  1. Victoria Says:

    Hi! I love your blog. I was wondering if you can put together a really cute American Apparel outfit. I love their clothes but I’m somewhat overwhelmed by so many of their clothes and choices. Please Help!

  2. Boots Says:

    I would love to see style for bigger women. I’m a size 8 with curves, and not everything looks great on me. A lot of great style is displayed on skinny women and so, it’d be awesome to see you focus on ladies with more cushion for the pushin’ 😉

  3. Leather skirts are all the rage! « Says:

    […] to buy a leather (or pleather) skirt immediately. They seem to be everywhere I look! Remember this darling girl? And, this cool vintage version? Plus, check out what these hip chicks are wearing, posted on the […]

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