Get the look…


In response to my last post on the fantastic Giovanna, a reader asked how she could copy this glorious look. So, I dug around and managed to pull up some items at reasonable prices that resembled G’s original outfit. Of course it is not exact, but hopefully it will inspire you to don these daring yellow pants and pumps!

(Items listed clockwise)

Gap: Back-zipper sweater, $26.99 (on sale!)

J. Crew: City-fit wool herringbone Portman pant, $49.99 (on sale!)

Forever 21: Adrea Satin Pump, $19.80

Forever 21: Square Silk Flower Scarf, $10.80


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3 Responses to “Get the look…”

  1. AllieL Says:

    LOVELOVELOVE the outfit! Think it can be pulled off in the dead of winter?

    • stylepill Says:

      Glad you like it! Yes, definitely. To stay warm, I would layer with a pair of dark gray tights, which will look cute against the yellow pumps, and switch from a crew neck to a turtleneck sweater. Hope this helps!

  2. LJ Says:

    Thank you so much for these tips! Don’t have a J Crew here but have spied some cute yellow jeans in Uniqlo so going to give them a try!

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