A dressy affair…which outfit would you wear?

Tis the season to be dressy, fa-la-la-la-laa-la-laaaa-la-laaaaa-holiday parties!

The boyf’s soiree is this Friday and I need something to wear. So, I pulled these three ensembles together to get your opinion. Which one is your favorite? Which one would you wear to your BF’s holiday party, or would you save one of these looks for another type of gathering? I would love to know your thoughts! Spxx

Are you…



Dress, Embossed-cotton Lorelei dress

Shoes, Ruffled Leather Platform

Accessory, Battement Necklace



Dress, Sable Jeweled Satin Dress

Shoes, Carmen satin peep toes

Accessory, Rhinestone teardrop earring

or, are you…



Dress, Sequin Sprinkle Dress

Shoes, SAFARA Peep Toe High Heel Shoe

Accessory, Kit


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10 Responses to “A dressy affair…which outfit would you wear?”

  1. babee409 Says:

    I’d go with the top outfit, that necklace is fab!

  2. LJ Says:

    I love the sweet outfit too – the cut of that dress is gorgeous and love the necklace!

  3. a pretty pill Says:

    i LOVE the sassy. it says: i’m the cutest and most confident gal at the party.

  4. the bendy yogi Says:

    i’m all about the sass – love shiny objects and shoes that offer a little pop of color. and how couldn’t i love the feathers!!!!

  5. Jo Says:

    Sweet! Perhaps with the Sexy pumps, in fact I love all those shoes!

  6. Belinda Says:

    It’s either sexy or sassy for me. Absolutely LOVE those purple heels!

  7. lex and the city Says:

    i like sweet or sassy…love that battement necklace!

  8. The holidays are upon us! « Says:

    […] holidays are upon us! By stylepill Previously, I had you, dear readers, tell me which outfit you might wear to a holiday party. Well, tonight is the boyf’s work party and I am hoping to […]

  9. Aviva Says:

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  10. Kelley Manny Says:

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