to my very first post! I still love the look of a blazer with jean cutoffs, although now it is completely inappropriate for the weather we have been having. But, maybe with some tights and riding boots I could winterize the heck out it…

Enjoy! SPxx

93806_outfit_29Photo via AUSTRALIA // LB


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3 Responses to “Flashback…”

  1. Elizabeth C. Otto Says:

    Hi, Chrissy,

    I’m finally here. This snowy day where we are locked in has provided some breathing space to catch up on essential things. I don’t know how we will be ready for Christmas!

    We are thinking about your arrival on Sunday in the midst of snow. You should hitch a ride on Santa’s sleigh.

    I love the blazer with cutoffs. Snow boots and a snow hat would add the essential warmth and ballet leggings would allow the knees to show off….
    I’ve always loved the look of the leggings with the leotard. Maybe a leotard with the blazer and a very short skirt. Hmm…this is addictive-

    Love, A. Lizbeth

  2. Steph Parrish Says:

    Hi Lovely,

    I am OBSESSED with the new Urban Outfitters shoot in their latest winter catalog. Black sheer nylons with cabaret-inspired tap shoes- patent leather, strappy platforms, super high heels, and/or thigh highs and boots, short shorts (denim, sequin, ruffles), and fitted blazers.

    I’m in love with this look for performing in HALLWAYS. It’s become my signature stage style over the past year- with false eyelashes, feathers, sparkles and sequins galore of course!

    Is it true you will be in town soon? We are playing the High-Dive in Fremont Saturday, December 27th. We also have a show at Neumo’s in Capitol Hill Thursday, February 5th and a CD release party in the works. Hopefully you might be around?

    I would love to see you so text me!

    Stephica aka The Wuff

  3. Elizabeth C. Otto Says:

    another snowy day. 2009 coming and spring soon after, perfect for some fucia lace with the blazer. I hope your day had laughter.


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