These boots were made for walking…

The other night, I went to my dear friend A’s housewarming party in Hoboken, NJ. It was lovely. Her new place that she shares with her boyfriend, is so cute and homey, with all the right touches. We all had a fabulous time and went home feeling very merry. The only glitch in the night had to do with the shoes I chose to wear to and from her house. I’ll be honest, it is quite a jaunt (totally worth it, of course!) from the train station to her actual place, on top of being 30 degrees out. And, my patent leather stilettos did me wrong within five minutes of stepping off the platform. Needless to say, my feet are still suffering. So, I think it is time I took a small break from my sky-high heels, especially in this wintry weather, and invest in some stylish and comfortable flat boots. I scanned the web for relatively affordable options and managed to pull together my favorite choices, complete with black, brown and colored knee high boots. I think next time I decide to walk 25 minutes in the freezing weather to a party, I will wisely pull on my flat shoes, tote my pumps in my purse and sleuthily switch shoes at my final destination.

Seeing that it is getting pretty chilly out there, which of these boots would you wear to keep your toes, ankles and knees warm and comfy through the winter months? SPxx



(Listed left to right)

Swoop, $149.95

Casidy, $299.95

Bambola, $229.95

Wanted Bella Boot, $58.50

Reinaa, $159.95

Thayer Boot, $39.50


Barkin, $149.99

Deportes, $249.95

Peachie, Boutique 9, $249.99

Reins, $199.95

Intyce, 159.95


(Listed left to right)

Bonanza, $89.99

Izzy, $129.99

Tammy, $79.99

Harlow, $69.99

Bonanza, $89.99


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