“It’s Chriiistmasss!”

My mom told me that when I was a little girl, I walked into a department store chalk full of Christmas decorations, stopped in awe of all the glitz and shouted, “It’s Chriiiistmassss!” Ha. And now, I wish those of you who celebrate this holiday, a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy Holidays to all! I hope you enjoy some of my favorite shots from a wintry walk with my parents around Greenlake in Seattle.


Gotta love the layered look. It was chilly outside!


A graceful and quiet row of snowy trees.


A sweet shot of my parents. Still in love after 35 plus years. Lovely.


Me and Mom all bundled up.



Many hugs to you, my dearest readers. May you stay warm, safe and happy!


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One Response to ““It’s Chriiistmasss!””

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    […] afternoon to go meet up with my parents and we are going to celebrate my Dad turning 60 and my parents 35th anniversary! Anyway, I was so inspired by my lovely purchase that I created a beach-friendly […]

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