Bright and shiny


Last night, as I was waiting for my friend LC to get off work, I stopped into American Apparel to kill some time. I have been eyeing their Nylon Tricot Figure Skater Dress for quite some time now and even designed an outfit around it, but had never actually tried it on…mostly because I was convinced it would look quite ridiculous on me. Well, this time around, I gave it shot. I unsheathed myself of my many winter layers and slipped on a bright magenta version of the short, slightly high-waisted shiny dress, and come to find out, was pleasantly surprised! I didn’t look like a complete freak, and the salesgirl even complimented me on how it looked! (Well, in retrospect, she was probably just doing her job, but still.) I was pleased, and think I will go purchase it this weekend. And, seeing that I am going to opt for magenta versus charcoal, I decided to go with a different look than the one I created before. I think I will play up the bright color and make it more flirty and fun!

Now tell me, what do you think of this dress? Would you ever wear it? What is your favorite flirty or sassy dress? SPxx


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4 Responses to “Bright and shiny”

  1. Liz Says:

    i am all about bright colors. i have a crazy bright canary yellow dress from Scoop that is super sassy and that i whip out when i’m feeling a little flirty. i don’t own anything magenta–i’ve always been intimidated by things in the pink family– but this blog and the recent gift of a pink pashmina that i’ve grown to love, are making me think otherwise. plus, i love how you paired the magenta dress with the gold accessories–such a good combo. thanks, style pill!!!

  2. Alexya Says:

    I too have been wondering how to wear those figure skater dresses. And SP you are so right on. This would make such a perfect -dance all night- outfit. I can imagine twirling around in that on the dance floor. Super cute idea!!

  3. Lindley Says:

    i want the peach one! pretty pink for spring 🙂 love love

  4. Victoria Says:

    I love that dress. I have also been eyeing it fo awhile trying to decide whether or not I should get it. After reading your post I think I will!

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