Work it.


Today is dreary, rainy and wet, plus it is Wednesday, Hump Day, which can sometimes feel sort of painful. Meaning that, it is the middle of the week, so you know you have made it half way, but then the realization sets in that you still have two more days left until the glorious weekend. Not always a pleasant thought. But, I find that if you are having a hard time pulling yourself out from under the covers when the elements look treacherous, try dressing up in your most favorite or inspiring outfit and it might give you the jumpstart you need, instead of crawling back in for another 10 minute (or in my case today, 30 min!) snooze session. With that said, because this rainy, cold day has made me slightly blue,  I decided to perk myself up along with anyone else who is down, with this cute “first week back to work” outfit. Just looking at it makes me want to run home and change into a more spiffier outfit!

I found everything minus the tights and jewelry—which can be switched up with your own accessories—on this awesome shopping website called, where you can find great finds at a better price! Click below!







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One Response to “Work it.”

  1. a pretty pill Says:

    i love this little look. our taste is so similar, i always want to comment on all of your post. i got a pair of these ray bans for christmas (embarrassingly, my first pair) and i will never go back to another brand. i never want to take them off.

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