I love pencil skirts

kate-hudson-blackskirt-whiteblouse-thumbPhoto from The Daily Obsession via Celeb Look

I think pencil skirts are a very necessary and sexy staple for a woman to have. They create a lovely silhouette, are very feminine, and usually very flattering. And, seeing that I have a date tonight (eek!) and will coming straight from the office, I wanted to wear something that would easily transition from day to night-appropriate.


So, this is the outfit I opted for…a pretty ruffly shirt and a pencil skirt. I love how the earrings and belt add a little edge to the frilly ruffles, but the simplicity of the pencil skirt, clutch and peep-toes keep the over-all outfit looking feminine and polished. So, tell me, what would you wear on a date if you were coming straight from work?

Alright my dears…wish me luck!


P.S. For more fun stories, opinions and tips on pencil skirts, check out this story Smitten: Guy Pretty vs. Girl Pretty: Pencil Skirts and this post on The Daily Obsession.


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5 Responses to “I love pencil skirts”

  1. Belinda Says:

    Are you having a date with the boyf, or is this a new, new date?? 🙂 Either way, you’ll look gorgeous in this outfit – have fun!

  2. LJ Says:

    The outfit is so cute! Hope the man was too 😉

  3. joanna goddard Says:

    i hope you had a great time on your date!!! this outfit is so pretty, and thank you so much for the link to smitten! xoxo

  4. Melanie Says:

    I love pencil skirts. I’ve been eyeing this one in the sale section at JCrew. I just need to place it in my online cart and go for it.

  5. Wallace Lawter Says:

    Hi I reach your site when i was searching bing for this

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