I wish

…my refrigerator looked like this.


Photo from Fashionista via Bleed for Fashion

Think of how awesome your feet would feel slipping into a pair of freshly chilled heels on a hot summer day.


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8 Responses to “I wish”

  1. joanna goddard Says:

    ha amazing!

  2. AllieL Says:

    (And I’m not talking about the desserts.)

  3. LJ Says:

    He he!!! Add a bottle of wine and I’d be a very happy girl!!

  4. heather Says:

    this is a dream come true. cup cakes and heels… what more could i wish for??

  5. heather Says:

    ps: here are some bottles of wine that would coordinate nicely … http://www.thedieline.com/.a/6a00d8345250f069e2010536f998b9970c-popup

  6. deltay Says:


    Unfortunately I can’t walk in heels 😦

  7. Lily Says:

    Thanks for the link! Great blog.


  8. Melanie Says:

    My shoes would have to be in the oven. My feet are always freezing.

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