I love me some Larimeloom

I came across this knitting wonder by way of A Cup of Jo, my favorite blog, and Nonpareil, which is a cool indie style blog. To see all of Larimeloom’s amazing creations, click here!


I am currently coveting this gorgeous homemade grey corsetted bustier. I love how it looks layered over that dark gray tank. So sexy and enticing, yet classy at the same time.


Her grey off-the-shoulder dress just makes me drool.



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5 Responses to “I love me some Larimeloom”

  1. lindley Says:

    love the bustier/corset! so cute with the slightly baggy jeans on the hips…

  2. heather Says:

    love both! what is it about grey that makes it so wearable? i heart grey! if you like the off the shoulder dress may i suggest the kimono dragon by trudy miller layers (http://www.smarterclothing.blogspot.com/). you can wear it a bunch of ways, including off the shoulder like the fabulous off the should number above:)

  3. cupcakes and cashmere Says:

    that dress is fabulous! as for wearing headbands, I think it’s best to put them on when your hair hasn’t been washed for a couple of days. this way, it’s not as slippery and don’t worry if it looks kinda messy!

  4. Lorrene Says:

    I’m far too old and fat to look good in any of these things, but I love looking at them. I can still dream.

    • stylepill Says:

      I am so happy that you enjoy the outfits! I think your blog is great. My dad told me about it why I was at home in Seattle for the holidays. 🙂 Keep the great work! Happy Friday!

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