Thread it out.


Photo courtesy of Shobha


The amazing Shashi!


Me, happy as a clam.

Today I went and got my brows done. Finally. I will admit that they were quite botched due to a previous experience at a place I went to a few weeks ago, so I was in desperate need of being fixed. So, at the recommendation of my darling twin friends, H and J, I went to the Shobha to get them back on the right track. Shashi was my specialist and I am officially in love. She is not only amazing at threading, but she is an expert at knowing how to shape your brows so that they are even and perfect for your face. I am a little too embarrased to put up a photo of how my brows looked before, so I hope you don’t mind that I am only posting a couple “after” pictures. I feel so much cleaner, prettier and well-groomed now, thanks to the wonderful work of Shashi from Shobha! Thanks again! And, if you live in New York, click here to find a salon near you!


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2 Responses to “Thread it out.”

  1. heather Says:

    happiness is beautiful brows ;0)

  2. joanna goddard Says:

    yay! you’re gorgeous.

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