Reader question: Where can I find bright tights?

I recently had a reader post a comment asking where she could find fun bright tights that were affordable, would fit well and look great. (I personally love bright tights and think they look amazing on, not to mention I have an entire bin designated for own my colored tights.) Whether or not you order them online or buy them in stores, you can’t ever really try them on, so to make sure you buy the right fit, just read the sizing chart, which is usually located on the back of the packaging. I would also go into the store, like Forever 21, Filene’s Basement, American Apparel or H&M if you have them in your city and check out the selection. Sometimes websites don’t always list everything that is in the actual shop.  To see more, click here to see all the colors of the rainbow from ASOS’s collection. And, click here to see fun ways to wear them!

Here is a roundup of some of my faves.

picture-102Listed from left to right:

Red, $10.50, $7.50 for 2, $5.50 for 3 or more

Orange, Was $10, now $4.90

Pink, Was $6.50, now $4.99

Yellow, $8.26

Green, $8. 26

Blue, $14.50, buy two get one free!


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3 Responses to “Reader question: Where can I find bright tights?”

  1. pecosa Says:

    le sigh…I love tights, but unfortunately, I can’t pull them off.

    I have about five pairs that I bought hoping to wear them with a couple of dresses but the results were not pretty. I have “ample” thighs so once paired with an A-line skirt or ruffly dress I end up looking like a bell. =(

  2. the bendy yogi Says:

    i ❤ tights, they really add life to my outfits! thanks for sharing!!!

  3. cassie Says:

    If you love bright tights, you will love They sell so many different colours, types and patterns. x

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