I heart Alexa Chung.


Photo via garance dore

My oh my, that Alexa Chung and her style! Pretty amazing in my book. I am really digging the look she’s got going on here. The jacket and the striped sweater are my favorite pieces, and I also love the little socks. I just posted about little ruffly ones on BFR and have decided that my goal for spring is to pull this look off as much as can once it gets warmer. What do you think of her look? And, what do you think of little socks, heels and bare legs? SPxx


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6 Responses to “I heart Alexa Chung.”

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  2. joanna goddard Says:

    she totally pulls it off.

  3. stef Says:

    id just like to say i think alot of models/famous people are beautiful but she is the most gorgeous looking girl ive seen in my life, and its not fake either she’s just natural she’s beautiful without make-up. ive seen a natural picture of her 😀
    she’ my bebo skin haha


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  5. Young Says:

    Yes! I didn’t know who she was until I saw her on MTV. She always looks great! I love her style.

  6. Kasturi Shan Says:

    Lol, but seriously, who friggin doesnt????
    Haha, she exudes, effortless chic.


    ex oh, kazz

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