For the love of stripes.


This gorgeous sweater by APC–available at Creatures of Comfort— is a tad out of my price range, seeing that it is $223, but I am still allowed to dream and covet, right? Sigh. I have been trying to find a more affordable version elsewhere, yet am still searching, so if you have any leads shoot them my way! SPxx


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2 Responses to “For the love of stripes.”

  1. sofiatome Says:

    i could’ve sworn i saw something similar somewhere that was a little more affordable. i am going to rack my brain. when i get an answer…i will definitely share 🙂 i wanna say it may have been either madewell or club monaco.

  2. Suiting up in stripes. « Says:

    […] I bought today?! Yep, you’re looking at it! My very own striped bikini—and and you know how I love me some stripes—found at H&M, which I will promptly be putting on the minute I hit the beach in San Diego […]

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