Photo via Garance Dore

Everything about woman’s outfit is pretty spectacular, not to mention the woman herself. (What gorgeous, tousled hair. So sexy.) She has a very understated beauty that sneaks up on you, and her style seems to be the same. At first glance, she seems to be wearing a fairly simple, monochromatic ensemble. However, look a little closer and you’ll notice her pretty necklace and cool belt, plus the interesting cut of the jacket and pants gives the outfit character. As far as the shoes are concerned, I feel for the most part, I have moved on from pointy-toed heels. But, for these, I will make an exception. Garance Dore was right when she said,”These heels are absolutely sublime. They deserve an ellipse in it of themselves.”


5 Responses to “Sublime.”

  1. Little Style Box Says:

    Simple but beautiful look. Garance Dore always manage to find great styles !

  2. Vintage Tea Says:

    You are so right. This outfit is understated and perfect in every way! I love it. The leather pants could have looked a bit crazy but she styled them wonderfully


  3. sofiatome Says:

    let me say, i didn’t even realize those were leather pants and i LOVE that. she is gorgeous. and the outfit is amazing. i love that it seems like she’s not even trying.

  4. lex and the city Says:

    who what wear did a whole story today on how we should all be buying tapered trousers and let me tell you, i am drinkin’ the kool-aid on that one.

  5. fashionecking Says:

    I love the outfit and I like the leather but I don’t think tapered trousers look good on anyone except supermodels..sorry 😉

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