Wishing you a wonderous weekend.


Who: My feet!

What: Ocean-gazing on a beachside boardwalk with some of my closest friends.

Where: Amagansett, NY

When: Last April

Why: A West coast girl needs her some ocean.

Let’s just say that this photograph signifies perfection in my mind.

Have a magical weekend, my lovelies!

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4 Responses to “Wishing you a wonderous weekend.”

  1. LynnAnn Loufik Says:

    Twas an amazing weekend….must be repeated. muah

  2. carolyn Says:

    this makes me DREAM about the summer. i’m dying to go back to the ocean. i really want to go to montauk this summer. hear it’s a bit more relaxing than the hamptons- have you been?

  3. perfumed Says:

    let’s all take a trip this summer!

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