Good Day, My Sunshines!

This morning, I woke up without much of a fight—both surprising and rare for me—took my time making coffee, getting my lunch ready and putting my outfit together. I got to work right on time and continued on with my morning ritual. This consists of sitting at my computer, drinking my coffee and briefly checking my gmail and favorite blogs. As I clicked open Glamour’s blog, Smitten,  I was so excited to see a brand new post about three cute spring date outfits, and was absolutely taken by the top below. Made by Church & State, the North Dakota blouse has a detachable ruffle bib, which are very in right now, AND it’s on sale! SPxx

What a great start to my day, thanks Joanna!picture-1


Also, I am loving this dress and her red rain boots!

Photos via Frances May


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2 Responses to “Good Day, My Sunshines!”

  1. tanya Says:

    those rain boots are adorable. What a wonderful pop of color!

  2. vintage Tea Says:

    both of em look so cute


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