A pretty little pick-me-up.


Photo via Garance Dore

For some reason, I was so sure it was Thursday today. And, when I  realized—um, about an hour ago—that no, it was in fact only Wednesday…well you can imagine my disappointment. Sigh. Friday feels so far away. So, to feel better, I went to one of my happy places—Garance Dore being one of them—and promptly found this lovely photo, which totally lifted my spirits. The yellow is so happy looking, on top of being one of my favorite colors, and I am loving that sash across her shoulders. So, being that it is WEDNESDAY, I will wish you all a Happy Hump Day, my loves! SPxx


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6 Responses to “A pretty little pick-me-up.”

  1. joanna goddard Says:

    loving the yellow!!

  2. Dallas Shaw Says:

    you have the best photos here christine! xo

  3. Jessica Says:

    What a pick-me-up indeed. Love this perfect shade of yellow!

  4. kb Says:

    the detail is terrific!

  5. tanya Says:

    I’m so, so SOOO in the mood for yellow today. That girl is gorgeous!

  6. vintage Tea Says:

    Shes stunning

    Click here to visit me at Vintage Tea!


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