Style Pill is on!

picture-11Happy Monday lovelies! Check out my newest post on Glamour’s blog Smitten. Thank you my dear Joanna!


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7 Responses to “Style Pill is on!”

  1. ammoe Says:

    cute! much better than what i wore – super-low jeans with about two inches of hipbones & tummy exposed, enormous heels, tiny tank top — he promised me i’d have time to change before i met them!

  2. lex and the city Says:

    i met my high school (and college, for that matter) boyfriend’s parents wearing white go-go boots, paisley tights and a purple velvet mini-dress. i was going to a dance with him, and it was seventies themed. cute, rach.

  3. sofiatome Says:

    love love love your two picks. very cute. i especially love the daytime one for a more casual situation. i was wearing a fair isle sweater dress with some brown leather boots when i met my bf’s parents….it was christmas.

  4. Tanya Says:

    holy cow–that’s amazing Christine!! YAYYYYY 🙂

  5. hattie Says:

    AMAZING! Congrats~and fabulous choice of outfits by the way:) xoxo

  6. stacy di Says:

    congratulations! I love the outfits too!!

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