Get the look: Stylin’ in stripes

picture-101Remember my friend Amanda with the super cool nerd chic glasses? Well, she is back and looking fabulous as usual. She has this knack to pull together outfits so effortlessly—never looks like she is trying too hard, but yet always manages to wow me with her creations. This ensemble is one of her simpler, laid back looks, but it is just as cute. I am a huge fan of stripes and I love the combination of gray and red together. Add a simple bangle, and either a pair of casual converse or dressier wedges and you are set to go. Plus, don’t you love that each item is $30 and under? Cute and recession-friendly! What’s better than that?!






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3 Responses to “Get the look: Stylin’ in stripes”

  1. moe Says:

    That’s my office! Amanda will verify that I wore TWO stripey outfits inspired by this ensemble (and your red pants striped shirt combo) last week.

  2. pecosa Says:

    Awesome outfit! I’m in love with everything stripes…I can’t wait till we get a F21 anywhere near where I live…

  3. Amanda Says:

    Stripes will always make me think of StylePill

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