Lady in red.






First off, I want to say thank you for your positive feedback regarding my new do! I am having a lot of fun with it and can style it all different ways. It looks cute brushed forward, to the side and even pinned back with a bobby pin.

Anyway, I mentioned earlier that I did a little photo shoot at Chelsea Piers. Well, here it is! The reason for it is my friend Hattie, founder of the company, Save the Date(ing), is throwing an awesome singles dating event tonight at this cool gallery in Chelsea and I needed to figure out what to wear. Hattie suggested we have a little fun and photograph my chosen outfit. I immediately opted for this red number, which is my favorite and is from Anthropologie.

I also wanted to show how you can easily dress up or dress down an outfit just by changing your accessories. So, you’ll see two different looks…one more casual and one more dressy. I decided to wear this white blazer with black flats to give the bright red dress a more casual look and then slip on some nude patent leather pumps to “chic it up” a bit. Anyway, the event is tonight at 7, and will be a tasting of single malts. Yum! So stay tuned for my report back on how it went, and if I met any cuties! To learn more about Save the Date(ing), click here!

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9 Responses to “Lady in red.”

  1. ashley Says:

    bangs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love it!

  2. swatchbook Says:

    Love. The. Hair. And the outfit options are fabulous as well. Knock ’em dead tonight hot stuff. 🙂

  3. moe Says:

    soooooooo prettyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  4. hillary Says:

    you look so pretty 🙂

  5. smsmmns Says:

    Pretty gorgeous.
    And great call on the shoes

  6. Audrey Says:

    All ADORABLE!! Rock it girlfriend!!


  7. audrey Says:

    hi there! thanks for your sweet words on my blog! i LOVE this dress, i have almost bought it several times on myself, it looks great on you! xo audrey, the homerun ballerina

  8. Patricia Says:

    A little something for those who need a push in the dating world.

  9. Ashley Says:

    Such a flattering dress!

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