Who is Style Pill?

Hi all…thanks so much for checking out Style Pill! Here are a few things about me…

I am a personal stylist, wardrobe consultant, blogger and magazine editor in New York.

I am fascinated by all things style and the many forms it comes in. I am constantly inspired by individuality and people’s sense of self as they strut the streets everyday in individually crafted outfits.

When it comes to style, I love capturing and creating personal style from and for those around me. Helping someone create their own personal look and allowing them to come into their own, to feel confident in what they put on in the morning—and often all with the items they already have in their closet—brings the biggest smile to my face.

So, as I am sure you know by now, this blog is dedicated to style and all that it entails. And, I always appreciate feedback so feel free to comment as much as you’d like!

I hope you enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoy writing it. And, if you are interested in my styling services, please, contact away!





13 Responses to “Who is Style Pill?”

  1. mikewalzman Says:

    Hey, so I happen to have stumbled on your blog, I’m no stylist fanatic, but I was inspired by your passion for it, I can tell that you really love it and it shows and I know that will take you far. With that, I wish you the best : )

  2. koronya Says:

    I would never forget to read your great blog every day!

  3. secretfragileskies Says:

    such a cool blog. love how you put things together. great ideas.

  4. ELFBC-VodkaPill Says:

    Great site! I came across it after reading the IHT in Europe of all places! So are you going to be haunting the left or right coast this summer? Or too soon to say? Love Ya – ELFBC-VodkaPill

  5. averagefashionista Says:

    I love your blog! I stumbled across it from the DABA blog, and I must say I’m very impressed. I adore fashion and I love finding people that are so passionate about it. Plus it’s great how chipper and upbeat each of your posts are. 🙂

  6. Yvonne Says:

    I love love love your blog. For someone who loves fashion but denied creative expression in daily dress (I work in finance…), your blog is very soul filling.

  7. Tergel Says:

    Hi, I really like your blog. I like your collection of pictures as well as your inquisitive thinking about putting certain things together!

    I am also a fashion fanatic and am just starting up on this “fashion blogging” business. And while in search of other fashion blogs to find inspiration from, i stumbled upon your site, and I really like it!

  8. Kathleen Says:

    Rachel Ray–p. 112: where did you get that phone? I had one like it for 5 yes 5 years but it just died and they told me it’s not made anymore. Thanks.

  9. Beacons Says:

    We love your blog, thanks for the link!

    xoBeacons Closet

  10. Blossom Says:

    I stumbled upon your blog after buying myself a pair of coloured tights and i had no clue how to wear them but was sure that some fashion fanatic would have an answer for me ,so i typed in how to wear neon tights on google and up popped your blog on coloured tights well i followed the advice and i must say it looked great ,so i was bored one day so i went back on your blog and well i have been reading EVERYDAY ever since your advice has helped me through many a fashion crisis (im one of thoose people with a lot of clothes and nnot a lot of know how)and filled up many an idle hour
    so thanks

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