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Something lovely for your Friday.

April 24, 2009





sakura-10-520x346Aren’t these absoulutely divine. Visit the awesome blog, The Cherry Blossom Girl, to see the rest of her gorgeous photographs from the Shinjuku Gyoen garden!


Have a relaxing weekend!

April 17, 2009



park-1Photos by Anna Sweet

What are you up to this weekend? It is supposed to be 73 degrees here in Manhattan, so I will be at Central Park soaking up sun while playing with my best friend Allison‘s new puppy, Frankie! And speaking of warm weather and playing outside, aren’t these photos so pretty? My friend, Anna Sweet, who is an amazing photographer, took these great shots of her best friend, Candice. I loved them so much that I decided to order myself some prints and frame them. This way I will be able to enjoy the beautiful, yet fleeting cherry blossoms of spring, all year round.

Enjoy your weekend, and always, thanks so much for reading!

Hugs, SPxx

P.S. This is Frankie, and so there is no confusion…she is girl.



Cover Girl

April 8, 2009

2yx4tgkPhoto via Le Fashion

Alexa Chung on the cover of Harper Bazaar, the UK edition.

Click here to see more of her delicious photographs. The dresses alone are amazing.

Day 5: California Dreamin’

April 3, 2009





03300918531The bliss of vacation had sadly come to an end, and the reality of leaving the sunny paradise I had so grown accustomed to, coupled with the fact that I had to leave my parents for another three months (yes, I try and see them every three months) began to sink in. So to bring a silent closure to our lovely getaway, we did what we always do when near the ocean. We took a long walk, then sat on the beach watched the sunset.

Thank you so much for reading, my dears. It has been so wonderful to share this special trip with you all. SPxx

Day 4: The Perfect Hideaway

April 2, 2009

dscn9818-pola01I look a bit sleepy and disheveled here, but nonetheless I enjoyed the sunny, yet slightly cool mornings with a hot cup of coffee. I also love my new, very favorite sweatshirt, which I picked up when we were in Coronado. It is super comfy and cozy, perfect for deck-sitting and coffee-sipping. I actually came to find the La Jolla mornings my favorite part of the day, which, if you know me, is a rarity, but for some reason, I was up at 8AM every day. I loved eating breakfast outside while enjoying the beautiful foliage and sweet smell of jasmine that graced and perfumed our deck. I was so enchanted by our little bungalow in La Jolla that I wanted to share some pretty photos with you. Scroll down to see more!

dscn9892Redwood Hollow since 1915


downsized_0331091827The walk up to our cottage, tucked behind beautiful exotic plants, sweet-smelling flowers and expansive palm fronds.



dscn9827Such beautiful flowers. They were everywhere, surrounding us with their loveliness.


Later on after a quick walk by the water, we came back to enjoy a yummy, light lunch, complete with Mom’s awesome salad, tasty turkey sandwiches and fresh fruit. Perfection.

Day 3: Meet you in La Jolla…

April 1, 2009

dscn9742-polaMy dears, I give you… my lovely Mother! This was taken right before we hopped into the car to head to La Jolla. Isn’t she so cute and stylish?!

picture-19Before I left for California and was trying to pack, I decided that I wanted to only bring a few staple items and mix and match them together. So, above are photos I gathered together to share with you some of the casual pieces I brought to wear on the trip. I must say that I got the most wear out of my basic black jersey dress, which proved to be perfect for the beach, and my trusty black blazer, which I often just threw over whatever outfit I was already wearing. It added that slight bit of warmth needed when the wind picked up, but was light enough that I didn’t feel hot or too layered while in the sun. And, I mustn’t forget my very favorite scarf…it seems to go with anything, whether it is a horizontal striped top or just a plain gray t-shirt.

Anyway, back to the vacation. So, day three was spent soaking up the last pleasures that Coronado had to offer. We visited a very cool, old Navy shipyard and then came back to  spend a few hours on the beach before finally hopping in the car to head to beautiful La Jolla! Stay tuned for more pics from the last days of our glorious trip! SPxx

A pretty little pick-me-up.

March 11, 2009


Photo via Garance Dore

For some reason, I was so sure it was Thursday today. And, when I  realized—um, about an hour ago—that no, it was in fact only Wednesday…well you can imagine my disappointment. Sigh. Friday feels so far away. So, to feel better, I went to one of my happy places—Garance Dore being one of them—and promptly found this lovely photo, which totally lifted my spirits. The yellow is so happy looking, on top of being one of my favorite colors, and I am loving that sash across her shoulders. So, being that it is WEDNESDAY, I will wish you all a Happy Hump Day, my loves! SPxx

Tell me…

March 9, 2009

What did you do this weekend? I went to a darkly humorous play, ate yummy pizza, and hung out with these fantastic people!


Love, love, love.


Cutest couple ever.


My facial expression for most of the night, due entirely to the company surrounding me. And, although this may not be the most attractive shot of me, it sure is my favorite. 🙂 Spxx

My happy place.

March 3, 2009


Photo from Kari Herer Photography via A Cup of Jo

My dearest readers, I was at home in bed today, so I apologize for the lack of posting. And, when I am feeling under the weather or just plain blue, I love looking at pictures of Paris. After living there for a good part of a year, it makes me so happy to look at photos of this luminous city and remember all the people I met and the memories I made during that special time. See you all tomorrow! SPxx

Jump for joy, it’s Friday!

February 27, 2009


Don’t you wish you could be as lucky as Betty and jump up high, right next to the Seine? Lucky duck.


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