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Day 4: The Perfect Hideaway

April 2, 2009

dscn9818-pola01I look a bit sleepy and disheveled here, but nonetheless I enjoyed the sunny, yet slightly cool mornings with a hot cup of coffee. I also love my new, very favorite sweatshirt, which I picked up when we were in Coronado. It is super comfy and cozy, perfect for deck-sitting and coffee-sipping. I actually came to find the La Jolla mornings my favorite part of the day, which, if you know me, is a rarity, but for some reason, I was up at 8AM every day. I loved eating breakfast outside while enjoying the beautiful foliage and sweet smell of jasmine that graced and perfumed our deck. I was so enchanted by our little bungalow in La Jolla that I wanted to share some pretty photos with you. Scroll down to see more!

dscn9892Redwood Hollow since 1915


downsized_0331091827The walk up to our cottage, tucked behind beautiful exotic plants, sweet-smelling flowers and expansive palm fronds.



dscn9827Such beautiful flowers. They were everywhere, surrounding us with their loveliness.


Later on after a quick walk by the water, we came back to enjoy a yummy, light lunch, complete with Mom’s awesome salad, tasty turkey sandwiches and fresh fruit. Perfection.