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Lady in red.

April 30, 2009






First off, I want to say thank you for your positive feedback regarding my new do! I am having a lot of fun with it and can style it all different ways. It looks cute brushed forward, to the side and even pinned back with a bobby pin.

Anyway, I mentioned earlier that I did a little photo shoot at Chelsea Piers. Well, here it is! The reason for it is my friend Hattie, founder of the company, Save the Date(ing), is throwing an awesome singles dating event tonight at this cool gallery in Chelsea and I needed to figure out what to wear. Hattie suggested we have a little fun and photograph my chosen outfit. I immediately opted for this red number, which is my favorite and is from Anthropologie.

I also wanted to show how you can easily dress up or dress down an outfit just by changing your accessories. So, you’ll see two different looks…one more casual and one more dressy. I decided to wear this white blazer with black flats to give the bright red dress a more casual look and then slip on some nude patent leather pumps to “chic it up” a bit. Anyway, the event is tonight at 7, and will be a tasting of single malts. Yum! So stay tuned for my report back on how it went, and if I met any cuties! To learn more about Save the Date(ing), click here!


Pretty in print.

April 27, 2009

img_1320Saturday was my dear friend N’s birthday party and the theme was 1970’s. I am loving N’s dress—doesn’t she look so pretty on her special day? Even though we didn’t exactly go all out with costumes, we did opt for bright, loud florals and bold prints. In a rush to find something to wear, I skimmed F21 earlier in the day and found this dress for only $25, which is now my new favorite spring/summer maxi. To rev up the 70’s vibe, I wore lots of gold bracelets and rings, parted my hair down the middle, slipped into a pair of wooden platforms and I was ready to roll. All in all, a really fun party! What did you all do this weekend? Do tell! I would love to know! SPxx

Bows for heels?

April 24, 2009

aofntgjx9mjwqlf0z6hbxvfdo1_500Oo la la.

My Love Affair With Menswear.

April 17, 2009

2209rlromweb1Romney Leader—Associate Fashion Editor,




The incredible Garance Dore.

As I was perusing all my favorite blogs, I came across these incredible shots from The Sartorialist and Garance Dore, which I just had to share with you. I have loved menswear for quite some time and it seems now, more than ever,  this is its time to be in the spotlight. I think what I love the most is the slightly androgynous look that comes out of a woman wearing men’s clothing. It is such a unique challenge, to pull it off in a way that you still look sexy and like a woman versus just a woman in a man’s clothes. It sounds contradictory, and it is very tricky. However, when done well, the results are pretty fantastic.

The last image is of Garance herself, in an articule that Refinery 29 did on her, regarding street style. The photos of her are amazing. To see more, check it out here!

What do you think of menswear on women? Do you think it is sexy o do you prefer more feminine accents, like ruffles and bows? Do share, I would love to know your thoughts! SPxx

Photo credits: The Sartorialist, Garance Dore, Refinery 29

Street Style: Lace, and Cherry Blossoms

April 16, 2009

streetstyle-lacecherryblossomsHello hello! Sorry for the delay in posts…I am currently working on transferring all my material over to my new domain/site, which I will unveil shortly! So, today on my way back from yoga, I was walking behind this adorable girl. I instantly noticed her white lace slip against her black tights, and as she walked under the blossoming cherry trees, I was taken with how her lace, and the white petals resembled each other so beautifully. I ran up behind her, probably freaking her out in the process, and asked to take a photo. This is what I came up with. Lovely, don’t you think? Do you have cherry blossom trees where you live? How do you feel about slips as dresses? SPxx

Cover Girl

April 8, 2009

2yx4tgkPhoto via Le Fashion

Alexa Chung on the cover of Harper Bazaar, the UK edition.

Click here to see more of her delicious photographs. The dresses alone are amazing.

Day 2: Beach day!

March 31, 2009


picture-151We awoke to another gorgeous day on the island and decided to spend most of our time on the beach reading and enjoying the sound of the waves crashing onto the sand. I finally got to try out my new striped bikini, which I was very happy with. But, once it struck 4PM, we hopped up and snagged a seaside view at one of the tables on the patio of the hotel to sip some happy hour wine and munch on appetizers. Yum. After dinner and a quick stop at our room we made our way back out onto the beach to enjoy the beautiful sunset. I got to indulge in wearing my bright white jeans with yet another striped item. This time, it was a lightweight sweater, which I paired with my go-to black blazer. As soon as I hit the sand I quickly rolled up my jeans and spent the rest of the sunset dancing around in the sand and doing cartwheels—my favorite.

Day 1: Coronado Island

March 30, 2009

dscn9627-polaIt was in the mid-70s our first day on the island—thank goodness—so I opted for a short, swingy skirt and a sheer, off-the-shoulder top (shown above). It was still fairly breezy at times, so I grabbed my favorite red, flowery head scarf that I bought years ago in Paris and used it to keep my fly-aways in place.picture-32And, here are some fun snapshots to share with you all. Our day was spent wandering around The Hotel Del Coronado, where my parents spent their honeymoon night 35 years ago, and exploring Old Town in San Diego. All in all, a lovely first day in the sun!

Shop Your Closet: Retro-inspired pieces

March 25, 2009

dsc_0051Photo via Cupcakes and Cashmere (This is Emily’s fabulous closet!)

Hi loves. Today I wrote a post about how to quickly shop your closet when you are feeling in fashion funk. To learn more, click here! Hugs! SPxx

Wishing on a star.

March 9, 2009


I often find myself jotting down certain things I am coveting—usually on bright yellow sticky notes or random pieces of paper—as a way to remind myself to keep particular items in mind the next time I am out shopping. But this time, I decided I wanted to create a visual list of what is on my radar right now, things I feel would be great additional staples to my current wardrobe. There will be many more I am sure, but this is the first batch on the roster.

A little explanation behind each item:

1. Ever since that amazing coat from Anthropologie, which is sadly no longer available, showed up on The Sartorialist, I have been in love with it. I would like to get a coat that falls in the similar color range of a pinky-gray-beige hue. Preferably with some sort of feminine detailing.

2. If you read my blog enough, you know that as of late, I have developed a slight fixation on ankle socks. I am loving these striped ones, also photographed by Anna Wolf. Well, I promised myself that the next time it was a nice day, I would rock the socks. Needless to say, I chickened out. And, to top it off, a dear person who reads my blog knew this and totally called me out! So, ankles socks, IT’S ON.

3. Isn’t her cropped jean jacket cool? I am a big fan of how she used it as a layering component. Genius move. I lost my jean jacket a long time ago and never seemed to replace it. Lately, I have been feeling it’s loss and think that I will get one in a light denim wash, that is distressed looking, and of course cropped! Also, her coat is really cool.

4. I used to love silver jewelry and still have two rings that I almost always wear that are from my parents, but think that I have become more of a “gold person” when it comes to “fun” jewelry, such as earrings, necklaces etc. With that said, I think I would like to purchase either a simple (probably faux) gold watch or at least one that is cool with gold accents. (I especially love the all gold one above, which features an elastic band and totally reminds me of something my beautiful Grandmother, Rita, would have worn.)

5. This photograph was taken by the very talented photographer, Anna Wolf, and I am loving the stark contrast of the pale pinky beige dress against the bright pop of her red tights. I have been playing around with the idea of red tights for a while now and even blogged about them, but was never quite sure how I would wear them. Now I know!

6. This photo was taken by Joanna at Fashion Week last year—same beautiful girl, different amazing outfit. The necklace of silk flowers is perfection. And, this morning, I was checking out a sweet blog called Vintage Tea and she had these photos of these really pretty necklaces by Marquis & Camus…I am determined to try and make one, which may take me enlisting my good friend A, who is extremely creative, plus a trip to a craft store. M&J Trimming, here I come.

I hope you had as much fun reading this as I did writing it! If you did, let me know! And, stay tuned for more wish lists, but until then—have a great rest of your day and an even more relaxing evening! I’m off to a press event for Madeleine Weinrib and then headed to yoga! What are you up to tonight? Spxx