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April 30, 2009

bangs2Hi my lovelies! Sorry for the lack of posts yesterday. I was running all over the city yesterday, which included a trip to Chinatown to get my hair cut as well as a fun little photo shoot on Chelsea Piers…more to come about that later today, so stay tuned! In the meantime, what do you guys think of the bangs?! I am still getting used to them brushing the tips of my eyelashes, but all and all am very happy with them! Chat soon! SPxx


Recap: Katy Perry, and The Daylights

April 9, 2009

meandashkatyperryMe and my roomie at The Fillmore @ Irving Plaza!


img_4258Thanks for the phots H!

My ears are still ringing and my the backs of knees are a tad sore from standing and jumping around for 4 1/2 hours, but it was well worth every second. Not only was Miss Perry incredibly funny on the mic in-between songs, but her outfits were perfectly flamboyant and her voice was beyond impressive. I must admit that going into the concert, I didn’t know very many of her songs, but I loved the ones that I did know and I thought she was adorable. And, not to worry, I have now downloaded her entire album from iTunes and will be rocking out to her all day today.

img_11091The Daylights


img_1127As for the band that opened the show—The Daylights—well, I fell in love. Immediately upon entering the stage and playing their first song, my friends and I were blown away. Their sound was amazing, not to mention their hipster-like, sexy-scruffy style, which was very appealing. After they were done playing, I met Ricky, who sings, plays the bass, and guitar, and he was kind enough to give me a few minutes of his time to take a quick photograph. I definitely enjoyed meeting him as well as his adorable dimples, which were coyly hidden underneath said sexy scruff. Looks like another purchase at iTunes is in my future. He also wore these rocking boots, which I never quite got to hear the whole history behind them. So, Ricky if you are reading this—finish your story, I am all ears!

All in all, a fantastic evening!

Have a great rest of your Thursday, my loves! SPxx

Inspiration: Kerri Russel

January 8, 2009



This morning I was browsing through my favorite blogs and came across this fantastic post on the lovely Cupcakes and Cashmere. I first fell in love with Kerri Russel back in 1998—as a fresh-faced seventeen-year-old—and would wait patiently for Felicity to come on each week. I coveted her hair, loved her on-screen boyfriend, Noel, and envied the fact that she lived in New York City. She has come quite a ways since those days, yet she has maintained her fresh appeal and effortless beauty…seriously effortless! Anyway, these photos of her in the January In Style are amazing, not to mention the clothes she is wearing. I want every single article of clothing and accessory. Am I gushing too much? I can’t help it. Above, are my two favorites. Click here to see the rest!

P.S. I am now coveting her huge scarf. Amazing.