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Playing with pattern.

April 23, 2009



detail2Meet S. She is a friend of a friend who I recently met while out for a drink in the West Village. Isn’t her outfit so fun? I was instantly taken with it the moment she took off her coat and sat down. Pattern mixing can be tricky, but when done right, it looks so interesting and unique. Plus, don’t you love her yellow cardi? And those stacked bangles? Loving all of it!

Thanks S, for letting me take these snapshots of you almost immediately upon meeting you for the very first time. Cheers! SPxx


A pretty little pick-me-up.

March 11, 2009


Photo via Garance Dore

For some reason, I was so sure it was Thursday today. And, when I  realized—um, about an hour ago—that no, it was in fact only Wednesday…well you can imagine my disappointment. Sigh. Friday feels so far away. So, to feel better, I went to one of my happy places—Garance Dore being one of them—and promptly found this lovely photo, which totally lifted my spirits. The yellow is so happy looking, on top of being one of my favorite colors, and I am loving that sash across her shoulders. So, being that it is WEDNESDAY, I will wish you all a Happy Hump Day, my loves! SPxx

Merry Merigold

January 13, 2009



Photos from We Heart It via When We Were Young and Deer Audrey


Don’t you love this girl’s bright, cheery merigold-colored scarf? And, check out the scarf in the last image. The photograph was shot for Martha Stewart’s Blueprint magazine, where I used to work before it closed (so sad). The scarf  is mine actually, and was thrown in for fun. I loved it then and it still continues to be my go-to accessory. I think what I love the most about it is it’s rich, bold color that somehow goes with everything. What do you think about the color marigold, or yellow for that matter? And, need I point out the touch of nerd chic in the top two photos? I didn’t think so… SPxx

Hello Yellow!

November 4, 2008

On this gray, slightly dreary Tuesday afternoon, this photo, posted on The Sartorialist, sure gave me the pick-me-up I needed. What a pop of color this sweater offers when contrasted against the beige background of sidewalks and high-rises. Besides the umph it added to my day, I also love a few other things about this look. First, I envy anyone who can wear their hair in such a daring way and look good while doing so. Second, pulling off a extra long cardigan as a dress is bold in itself, not to mention that it is bright yellow, so, kudos to that. And, third, I heart anything paired with gray. Pink and gray, orange and gray, and in this case, yellow and gray. Absolutely lovely. Hope you enjoy this look as much as I did! Cheers! SPxx