Get your kicks at Kmart.



Lately, with all my running around, my feet have started to get really tired and achy, and I have found that I keep going back to this pair of black slip-on sneakers that I bought from Kmart last summer. They are super comfy and look cute with most everything. So, the other day, while sloshing about in the rain in my trusty Hunters, I decided it was time to stock up on a few more pairs of my other trusty shoe. Best part? Not only did I get two new colors, but they are only $8 each! Sadly, I wasn’t able to find them online, but to purchase, go to your local Kmart! Happy Wednesday! SPxx


5 Responses to “Get your kicks at Kmart.”

  1. joanna goddard Says:


  2. Mike Says:

    I might have to pick up a few pairs for the GF šŸ™‚

  3. andrea Says:

    Those have been my go-tos for years! (I get the white/tan ones and dye them different colors.)

  4. hillary Says:

    these are cute! they look like TOMS. you can bleach them or deconstruct them, or add flowers!

  5. Liz Says:

    yes, you should check out TOMS,–shoes are more expensive but for a GREAT cause and you can get them in all kinds of different colors/patterns.

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