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Happy Thanksgiving my loves!

November 27, 2008

thanksgiving_challenge_winnerPhoto via Webshots Blog

What are you up to on this yummy holiday? I found this great photograph on Webshots Blog asking readers to complete this sentence… “Thanksgiving wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without…” The winner said, “Thanksgiving wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without…thinking of the past, looking to the future,” and posted a link to a family photo from the 1940s. I love thinking about past Thanksgivings and looking forward to all the ones to come.

I spent most of yesterday flying home to Seattle. I feel so thankful and lucky to be able to be here with my loved ones. So, for the next handful of days I am going to try and take a break from my beloved computer and blog to eat some turkey, read by the fire and spend time with my family. I hope you all have a lovely holiday!


Style Pill is SMITTEN!

November 25, 2008


I am SO excited! I recently created three date outfits for SMITTEN, which is a relationship blog on, and it went live today! So, I would like to send out a huge THANK YOU to the wonderful, talented and amazing Joanna Goddard for making it happen. And, if you haven’t checked out her blogs—CUP OF JO and SMITTEN—do so immediately. They are fantastic! Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Cheers! SPxx

Let’s go yachting!

November 25, 2008

picture-331Look how fun! A dear reader sent me such a nice comment regarding my post about “the yacht dress.” And, she introduced me to her awesome website, KORCULA. She actually designed the bracelet above, and it’s called, “the yacht wheel!” I agree with her that the two should be worn together…on a big, gorgeous yacht, of course!

Image via KORCULA

Stylish yet again…

November 25, 2008

9248gucgiovannawebIf you remember dear readers, this is the same fabulous woman that I posted about not too long ago. I think she has amazing taste. I love all her different shades of grey…and you know how I love grey! So stylish and chic. What do you think?

Photo via The Sartorialist

Converse love

November 24, 2008

picture-30Photo via Flickr

Isn’t this a cute picture? I own a pair of worn-in, flat-top, cream-colored converse, and I love them. But, I feel as though I want to add a few new pairs to the pile, maybe in gray or blue? I think the feet on the left are wearing high tops, which makes me want to buy a pair of cool black ones. What do you think?

Autumnal beauty

November 24, 2008

I couldn’t resist. Isn’t she lovely? The color of her hair and cheeks remind me of how the leaves look on a beautiful fall day in upstate New York.


Photo via garance dore

Even more nerd chic on!

November 24, 2008

While perusing the fashion blogosphere, I came across this cool post on, which explains how exactly one can pull off NERD CHIC, which I posted about a few weeks ago. I am so excited because as much as I love the look and have been showing photos of hip girls wearing said glasses, I myself was unsure as to which shape I could pull off. To learn the perfect shape for your face, check out the tips and slide show here!

picture-28Photo and text via

More pink lips!

November 24, 2008

5x4eo62Remember these two lovely girls and their bright pink pouts?

Photo via Le Fashion

Currently coveting…

November 24, 2008

A friend  of mine recently introduced me to an awesome site called After skimming it for a mere thirty seconds, I came across this gorgeous dress. I love the combination of textures and materials. The blue linen, navy satin and ivory silk create the perfect transitional piece. With the right jacket and accessories, you could wear this little number throughout the seasons! Buy it here.picture-27Photo via Shop Flick

Enjoy the weekend!

November 21, 2008

This is not fashion related, but I wanted to share this with you, dear readers. The full video was sent to me by a dear friend, and it consists of a cat running and sliding into a box…over, and over again. I adore this cat and wish I could meet him. He never fails to make me laugh, no matter what kind of day I am having.

Here is a hilarious still shot of him sliding into said box.

picture-3Have a fantastic weekend lovelies! SPxx